We are happy to offer the following brands of shoes here at Northwest Foot & Ankle


Ahinsa shoes® are barefoot shoes designed by physiotherapists. All models are pure vegan friendly and ethically handmade in Czech republic. All used materials are exclusively from EU countries with most strict health safety certifications.


We weren't started in some corporate office brainstorm session, but in the back room of a Wasatch Mountain running store. Our founders, elite athletes and running store managers, wanted a shoe that let you run the way you were born to. 


Women do a lot of things in a day. Why not be comfortable in versatile Fitkicks shoes that let you do it all? Live in style. Express through movement. Not just participate – perform!


What is your comfort level? Kozikicks provide a snug yet breathable fit with a fully lined plush interior. The ultimate slipper with versatility beyond any other.


Our philosophy is simple – less is more. Instead of spending time trying to develop the next footwear fad, we dedicate ourselves to creating sustainable shoes that consider the foot above all else. All of our products are flat, flexible, and fit the natural shape of the human foot. 


As the pinnacle of performance training, we aim to get athletes of all ages and abilities out of the crutch of traditional footwear and into Pedestals.  We want to awaken people to the power of their feet. Our offerings are simple, yet the most effective. 


We’re dedicated to improving our sandals forever. We don’t over-engineer our products, instead we make careful decisions about our designs, materials, and all-USA suppliers. Our sandals are zero drop from heel to toe, with secure and easy to use lacing systems. 


Everyday, Topo Athletic chooses to rise above the industry’s gimmicks and trends, encouraging a better running and fitness experience through instinctive and natural movement. It is this philosophy that serves as the foundation of Topo Athletic. 


In 1935, tragedy drives Vitale Bramani to develop a sole capable of excellent traction on mixed surfaces. Using vulcanized rubber technology, he develops the Carrarmato design. It will soon be famous. Even today it remains one of the most used soles by mountain climbers.


Consider your journey on planet Earth from your feet’s perspective. It’s an immense journey over astonishingly diverse terrain: pulsing, neon-drenched city streets, volcanic black sand beaches, pristine Alpine switchbacks, sun-bleached desert trails, tropical swamps chock full of snakes and gators... And the most important treks of all—the journeys you make every day going about your daily life.


Our foot-healthy shoe store is open 9am-4pm Monday-Friday. You can also see our full selection of shoes online

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