Barry MacAusland

Wonderful doctor—compassionate, kind, very knowledgeable

I am a former Marine MP with foot problems that were caused by those pointy dress shoes that make Gate Guards look so spiffy and shiny. Dr. Ray listened carefully to me. I showed him the shoes I wore in the Marines, and he explained why those shoes were the culprit, not some genetic predisposition as other doctors have intimated. Now, 10 months in, using correct toes and my feet are changing big time. I walk at least 5 miles/day every day whereas before, I hobbled for no miles. Thanks Doc!

Jen Proctor

Wish I would've known earlier!

Dr. Ray is doing it right. He uses current evidence-based practices in his treatment and took the time to answer all of my questions while his assistant modified my shoes for a better fit. After 3 years of Plantar Fasciosis, I am on the mend and Dr. Ray gave me all of the tools I need to stay that way. I really feel like this is the best time & money I've spent in the 3 years I've been doing PT, ozone injections, PRP, swimming, "Das Boot", acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, drugs, etc.

Michael Banaag


I want to thank Dr. McClanahan and his team! They all listened, I mean REALLY listened! Didn't feel rushed, or like i was just another customer. I felt like a human being with a concern that he gave great knowledge and encouragement towards. And that my problems were fixable without having to rely on mainstream methods of orthotics and super expensive shoes. Glad to have him as my podiatrist!

David Dutton, D.C.

Words can't express

I'm so unbelievably grateful for Dr. McClanahan. Not only is he an expert in his field with an unbelievable knowledge base, he is a genuine warm and caring person who is really striving to do the very best for all people he comes into contact with. This is reflected in himself and his staff. I wasn't even aware of how uncomfortable I was until Dr McClanahan empowered me with tools to remedy my own physical discomfort. It's amazing what we come to accept as "normal." Sincerest thanks.

Anne Feeney

My results with Dr. Ray

When I first saw Dr. Ray one toe was shifting on top of another and I had a serious hammer toe. Other docs had said surgery was needed and would have to be done every ten years for the rest of my life. I would not be able to do my extremely fast and long walks for at least 6 months of recovery. But ALL those complaints are gone, including NO recurrence of Plantar fasciitis. His staff is fully trained in the approach he takes, so even if he will not take new patients, see them!!


Expertise and Dedication

The level of service I received at this office is rare. Their approach addresses the cause of problems so that real healing can occur. Dr. Oltman was clear, informative and kind, and answered all of my questions and concerns. Assistants Camden and Zeuss were incredibly patient and paid close attention to detail in expertly fitting my shoes and feet with the necessary items. There must be some very fine training at work here, and a good eye for hiring the right people. Health care at its best. 


Excellent Skype meeting

Anybody who is thinking whether Skype would be the right way ... give it a try! I live in Italy and cannot find any help with my hallux rigidus, other than 'stop running' and maybe in the long run I will, but after talking with Dr. Oltman, at least I know it should be possible to run. After the meeting I received an email with links to exercises and other general advice. Excellent!

Robin Cash

EXCELLENT preventive & healing techniques

If you are a distance runner, walker or biker and want your body to be able to live up to your dreams, this is the place. They understand, and care. With what I have learned from them I am sure I will be able to complete the 400 mile Camino I have planned. Rebecca and Dr. Potter are very caring and provide excellent treatment during and AFTER the appointment.

Trevor Doelling

Great Information & Help

I did a FaceTime consultation for my Morton's neuroma, and they were very helpful! My local podiatrist wasn't very helpful in providing info, only shots. Dr. Potter also addressed my bone spurs on the x-rays that I sent to her, which wasn't anything I ever noticed. I like the natural, long term help in fixing my feet issues, as well as the explanations why. It gave me a better understanding of my feet and long term goals. I wouldn't hesitate to contact them again!